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Using Takecoat 1000 or other PTFE coatings on your fasteners is the perfect solution when you want to protect your fasteners from deteriorating in extreme conditions. These coating products can prevent your fasteners from corroding and create a high resistance against acid, high temperatures and oxidation. Discover the possibilities of using Xylan 1424 or Xylan 1070/Xylar 1 as a coating to extend the effective usage of your fasteners.


See table below for all possible base coats.

Base coat

Corrosion resistance 

Adhesion with PTFE


Poor: within 24 hours.

Good: PTFE will not peel off easily (sticking)


Poor: within 200-300 hours.

Poor: PTFE peels off easily (non-sticking)

Hot Dip Galvanized (Cadmium)

Good: within 600-700 hours

Poor: PTFE peels off easily (non-sticking)


Good: within: 900-1000 hours

Poor: PTFE peels off easily (non-sticking)

Xylar 1

Good: within: 1200-1300 hours

Poor: PTFE peels off easily (non-sticking). *Can be damaging for the health due to the presence of Chroom (Cr).

TAKECOAT base coat*

Very good: 1000-1500 hours

Excellent: PTFE top coat won’t peel off after 6000 hours of salt spray test. 

*This base coat is used for TAKECOAT-1000, TAKECOAT-Ceramic1 en NANOTECT. More information about this base coat on request.


See table below for all possible top coats

Top coat


ASTM B-117 Salt Spray test

Working Temperature


Xylan 1424.


Fluoropolymer Organic. Water-based.Thickness: 16µ.

*In combination with Zinc-Nickel: up to 3300 hours

-20℃ to 180℃

Xylan 1070

Fluoropolymer Organic. Solvent-based. Thickness: 16µ.


*In combination with Zinc-Nickel: up to 3900 hours

-195℃ to 260℃


Fluoropolymer. Organic. Solvent-based. High corrosion resistance, life-time easy torque control, and high durability. Thickness: 30µ.


Up to 6000 hours. Offshore test exceeding 6 years.

-196℃ to 200℃


Inorganic. Ceramic. High heat & thermal shock resistance. Life-time easy torque. Thickness: 30µ.


Up to 4000 hours.

-196℃ to 450℃


CNT (Carbon Nano Technology). High abrasion-, impact- and bending resistance. Life-time easy torque. NANOTECT film is almost as hard as metal coating.

Up to 4000 hours.

-196℃ to 240℃

*Zinc-Nickel is the most cost-efficient basecoat for PTFE.




The only European supplier of Takecoat 1000

Are you interested in the benefits of using Takecoat 1000? This highly-requested solution has a high resistance to rust and corrosion. It is very durable and has a very high heat resistance up to 200°C. From exposure to salt water to very dry environments, it is the perfect option if you want long-term durability and incredible resistance to corrosion. HBS Solutions is the only European supplier of Takecoat 1000.


Why choose a PTFE coating for your fasteners?

PTFE stands for Polytrafluoroethylene, but is better known as Teflon. Xylan 1070/Xylar 1 is a PTFE coating ideal for harsh environments, with a high corrosion resistance to oxidation and high temperatures. Next to Xylan 1070/Xylar 1, we offer the possibility of using a Xylan 1424 coating. This environmentally-friendly coating option is ideal for use in caustic environments. Both of these PTFE coatings are available in different colors for all our fasteners and other products.

Want to know more?

Do you want to discuss the possibilities of using a Takecoat 1000 or a PTFE coating on your range of fasteners? Make sure to contact us by calling +31 (0)20-698 1000 or by sending an email to sales@hbssolutions.nl. Whether you want to make use of Xylan 1070/Xylar 1, Xylan 1424 or Takecoat 1000, contact us to find out more about these long-lasting coating products.

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Exclusive supplier of Takecoat-1000. Download our Takecoat PDF-files.

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