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ASTM International, known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM until 2001), is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. At HBS Solutions we offer a wide range of ASTM products, such as the A193 B7M or the A320 L7M. Read on to find out what solutions we can supply your company with.


Are you looking for an ASTM A193 L7M or any other product?

Whether you are looking for stud bolts, nuts or hexagon bolts, at HBS Solutions we can provide you with all of the products you are looking for. We have products suited for higher temperatures such as our ASTM A193 B7M and products better suited for lower temperatures such as the ASTM A320 L7M. We offer a wide range of products. The following are some of the most commonly used options in our product range:

  • ASTM A320 L7
  • ASTM A320 L7M
  • ASTM A193 B8
  • ASTM A193 B8M
  • ASTM A193 B7
  • ASTM A193 B7M
  • ASTM A194 Grade 2H
  • ASTM A194 Grade 7
  • ASTM A194 Grade 8
  • ASTM A193 B16
  • ASTM A540 B23
  • ASTM A325

Available base and top coatings for ASTM/ASME Fasteners  

See table below for all possible base coatings

Base coat Note  
Electro Zinc plated (Zn) Minimal against corrosion, suitable for inside. Easy torque.
Zinc-Nickel (Zn-Ni) Excellent against corrosion, suitable for outside. Easy torque.
Hot Dip Galvanized, HDG (Zn) Good against corrosion, suitable for outside. Uneasy torque.
GEOMET 500 (Zn-Al) Good against corrosion, suitable for outside. Easy torque.


See table below for all possible top coatings

Top coat Comments: ASTM B-117 Salt Spray test

Working Temperature


Xylan 1424.


Fluoropolymer Organic. Water-based.Thickness: 16µ. *In combination with Zinc-Nickel: up to 3300 hours -20℃ to 180℃
Xylan 1070

Fluoropolymer Organic. Solvent-based. Thickness: 16µ.


*In combination with Zinc-Nickel: up to 3900 hours -195℃ to 260℃

Fluoropolymer. Organic. Solvent-based. High corrosion resistance, life-time easy torque control, and high durability. Thickness: 30µ.


Up to 6000 hours. Offshore test exceeding 6 years. -196℃ to 200℃

Inorganic. Ceramic. High heat & thermal shock resistance. Life-time easy torque. Thickness: 30µ.


Up to 4000 hours. -196℃ to 450℃
NANOTECT CNT (Carbon Nano Technology). High abrasion-, impact- and bending resistance. Life-time easy torque. NANOTECT film is almost as hard as metal coating. Up to 4000 hours. -196℃ to 240℃


UNC Thread Chart

The Unified Thread Standars (UTS) defines a standard thread form and series along with allowances, tolerances and designations for screw threads, commonly used in energy, petrochemical and offshore industries. It is the main standard for bolts, nuts and other threaded fasteners.

  • UNC – Unified National Coarse thread. has the same 60° profile as the ISO metric screw thread, but the dimensions of the outer diameter were choses as an inch value.
  • UNF – Unified National Fine thread.


Diameter size Thread Form & Pitch
5/16” 18 UNC
3/8” 16 UNC
7/16” 14 UNC
1/2” 13 UNC
5/8” 11 UNC
3/4” 10 UNC
7/8” 9 UNC
1”  8 UN
Bigger than 1″ 8 UN


Overview of our products

At HBS Solutions we deliver on project basis. This means you get only and exactly what you need, which means no more buying unnecessary products. Below you find a list of the possibilities that HBS Solutions offers. If your desired material is not listed, we will do our best to find it for you. Make sure to contact us by sending an email to or by calling +31 (0)20-698 1000.

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