Industry solutions

HBS Solutions is capable of offering DIN and ASTM products in one order. Most of these products are available with a range of CERTIFICATES.  Because of the certification we can guarantee that the products are what they state and that they are supplied by a certified manufacturer. Quantity is not an issue for us, we deliver every thinkable quantity.

Construction Solutions

For the construction market HBS Solutions offers a range of unique solutions for drilling in combination with anchoring adhesive. Some examples of our solutions are: added service through free tensile value calculation, tensile tests and cost price calculation by calculating the quantity of the drills and adhesive anchors that you may need for any project.

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Sales Europe 

Sniep 67, 1112 AJ Diemen, The Netherlands
Phone: +31206981000

Sales Middle East & Asia

2414 Way, Al Qurm Heights, Masqat, Oman
Phone: +96822512444