Gasket seals 

Gasket Seals are almost always applied in combination with Hexagon or Collar Plugs for the tube sheet of Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers. The combination of the Hexagon Plugs in combination with the hardness of the gasket seals are determinative to prevent the internal fluid as crude oil, chemicals and gas from leaking.  


When you are looking for gasket seals made out of materials such as Monel, Stainless Steel or Soft Iron in both A-Form and D-Form according DIN 7603 or ISO, you have come to the right place. At HBS Solutions we offer high quality products made with 95% European materials by quality-assured European manufacturers. We cover all standard sizes in compliance with industry demands. We offer full material traceability including chemical and mechanical test certification. With a broad spectrum of possibilities in supplying you with gasket seals made from stainless steel, monel or soft iron, you have found the perfect partner in HBS Solutions. 

What specification gasket seals from monel or soft iron do you need? 

We can supply you with any custom specifications and standard sizes of gasket seals made out of Soft Iron, Monel or Stainless Steel. All our gasket seals are delivered according to DIN 7603, A-Form or D-Form including a Hardness Test Certification. We offer a fitting fastener solution for every application, in any industry. Click here for all sizes according DIN 7603.


Hexagon Plugs   

Hexagon Plugs are commonly used to close tubes, and are able to withstand a huge pressure within the header of an Air Cooled Heat Exchanger. Through these tubes energy (heat) is being transferred from a hot liquid (medium) to a colder liquid (medium). Hexagon Plugs are in combination with Gasket Seals determinative the prevent leaking of internal fluids. 



What specification Hexagon Plugs do you need? 

In material such as A105N, A350 LF2, C35E, F316L, N06625, N08825 or F51 Hexagon Plugs are commonly manufactured from drawing. At HBS Solutions our Hexagon Plugs are made with 100% European materials by at least ISO 9001:2015 and Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU certified European manufacturers. All of our Hexagon Plugs are EN 10204 3.1. certified. We also offer full material traceability and EN 10204 3.2. certificate, on your request stamped and approved by a third party agency such as TUV, Lloyds’ Register or Bureau Veritas. We can deliver hexagon plugs which comply exactly to your requirements.  

Do you want to discuss the possibilities?

Do you want to talk to us about the possibilities and availability of our product ranges? Make sure to contact us by calling +31 (0)20-698 1000 or by sending an email to We will happily assist you in finding the right products for a fitting solution. We deliver high performance fasteners made in Western-Europe for a great price.

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